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Falconer - Falcon disappearing after Circling, and not coming back with Call


Bug Description :
When I use Circling, my Falcon disappears afterwards - which is not how it behaved before previous patch. It normally doesn’t “go away” unless you use an attack skill.

Additionally, Call isn’t bringing my Falcon back. Neither is the /comeon command.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Have bird out
  2. Use Circling
  3. Bird goes away
  4. Call doesn’t bring it back


I’m experiencing something similar, my falcon isn’t physically there but when I use pheasant, it will work as intended. It’s as if the falcon is invisible after using circling. When I use call, it doesn’t return too but its presence is still there (indicated by circling debuff on monsters around me eventhough the falcon isn’t on my screen)


Can confirm also. After the rank 10 patch I felt like the bird was really consistent in everywhere except Fantasy Library (where it gets stuck, a lot). Since this last patch it’s getting stuck constantly, everywhere. Even places it wasn’t getting stuck before like regular maps.


Can confirm this. Falcon just disappears from sight but Falcon skills work.


Can Also Confirm Tho its not just with circling but maybe others which is really makeing it hard on pre c3 falconers and some skills hard or unable to you

like hanging shot with no falcon your just stuck in a hanging position on the ground.

please look into Imc.