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Failed to reset 3D devices. No number

So here is the deal i have been playing with my friends TOS without issues, and then oput of nowhere today they got this error both of them.

I have been looking for solutions for them. But right now he plainly told me “If i got to re-install all my graphic drivers, am not playing this anymore.”

I mean he can run all his other games with no issues, to give you some examples: League of Legends, World of Warcraft, starcraft 2, Valorant, garrys mod, dota 2.

One of them already dropped the game because he couldnt increase the level of one of his old characters (i think he created that char when the game still was about the 10 ranks) with the exp card.

And now another one wanna drop the game because of this. Even though i fell in love this game, some issues like this, makes me hard to keep loving it. When the people I wanna play it with dont wanna play it.

Help me help him, i looked for solutions. I found some, but all of them didnt work, I mean how will you feel if you start playing this game when u already play other good games, and you get blocked by this.

Hello @Anzure,

Please inform your friend to send us a support ticket so we can discuss and assist with the matter directly. Thank you