Failed to download files (11280_001001.pak)


Anyone have issue patching game? SOS…

Failed to download files (11280_001001.pak) 2019/2/26 EDIT: SOLVED

same here. tried all options, nothing worked.


Thanks for the prompt reply. I thought i was the only one. Verifying the files does not help as well.


i reinstalled the game twice, reinstalled steam. tried the release.revisioin thingy, tried verified integrity.
NOTHING works.

i recall back in the days, 2016 or something i have the same issue. im guessing, steam, tos, or OS patched something that breaks it.

it auto fixed a few days later.

Failed to download files (11280_001001.pak) 2019/2/26 EDIT: SOLVED

Shag. Bad day for us. Finally wanted to log in game after taking some break but shits just keep happening.



Do you use nvidia?

if so, are you up to date?

i havent update my nvidia for years, but i doubt it has anything to do with it because i was playing the game a few hours ago.

I close my laptop, supposedly it should go to sleep but it shuts off (acting weird lately.) after i reopened my laptop, turned on my steam, steam was asking me to install tos despite i have it in my computer and nothing was manually changed.

after i reinstall the game and this.


Yes, i am using nvidia. I uninstalled the game a week ago due to the exchange weapon bugged. I still logged into the game on that day.There after this happened today.


I was digging in the forum, it seems like people having this issue here and there. doesnt seems like IMC give any info about fixing the issue besides they pin the release.revision thing.

but it doesnt work in this case, yes the message does not pop anymore, nor will the game. whitescreen and shuts off.

i think they just ninja patch it later. id just go to sleep and come back tomorrow praying their engineer fixed it.

good night, my friend.


Yeah, saw that release thingy through youtube but does not help. Hope we will be able to patch normally tomorrow.

Goodnight to you as well, :slight_smile:



blablabla i know its similar i need to spread the words