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Facing Windows Error 0xc0000142 on PC

Hello everybody. Returning player here.

I re-downloaded this game after around a year of not playing.
The new client came with a huge amount of errors, those of which were very hard to fix specifically were the 0xc000007b error (that i fixed by updating windows and uninstalling/reinstalling a bunch of Runtime C++, DirectX and Visual Studio stuff). I use Windows 7 Ultimate.

That error is long gone but now a new error appears: 0xc0000142.

Any help or suggestion would work. Thanks in advance.

Perhaps, this might help you out. Revert back if it doesn’t work.


I would also suggest you to go with @rajpgmg answer. If that doesn’t work, then you can also try

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Hi, thanks for reaching out. I lost all hope. I will surely go through the link that @rajpgmg shared.

Thanks. It worked out for me.

Happy to help @rafaelsolano440