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F5 Quest List Bugs

Date and Time : anytime
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: TiaRiele
Character Name: all character

Bug Description :

  • Any non-Yellow Quest, if unchecked from list, will disappear both from Quest List in F5 and on the right side.
  • All Main/Yellow Quest that active (not the Recommended Quest) if unchecked from list, will also disappear.
  • Happen both to finished or unfinished quest.
  • Happen both in F5’s tab (Quest Objective) and tab (Map Name).
  • The quest still active, just not listed in any way.
  • If Repeat Quest (Green) still in the middle of it (E.g. 3/5), when finished then the character interact with related NPC, the Quest still disappear from list.
  • If Sub Quest (Blue) finished then the character interact with related NPC, the Quest will appear on list again. (If it got unchecked then it will disappear again.)
  • If the Quest related to certain area, the circle with quest name will appear on the map (but not listed in F5).
  • If the disappeared Quest has task to use V, the usually automatic V that appear after character reach certain target/area will not triggered. It still can be used but through Inventory>Quest and right click the item trigger.


  • If there already 5 Quests displayed (maximum quest displayed on the right side), the 6th non-Yellow Quest the character trigger will be active but not listed in any way.
  • Also happen to Purple Quest (Mercenary Post Quest).

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Trigger the Blue/Green Quest through any method
  2. Click F5
  3. Unchecked the Quest
  4. Voila! It’s disappears. (Still active tho.)

Screenshots / Video :
1st bug:

^ The unchecked Quest named ‘Disintegration’ disappears (2nd pic is screenshot with mouse unchecked the Quest).

2nd bug:

^ I try to activate Quest named ‘Masquerade’ in Sanctuary. After it active, the Quest did not appear on the F5 list. The 2nd pic is the NPC dialogue after you trigger the Quest.

Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : Keyboard

  • Already un/checked and re-checked in Available/In Progress/Abandoned and check all Quest Display Setting.
  • Trying to search the Quest name but no response.
  • Bug still appear even though all add-on already deleted.
  • Changing Map doesn’t works.
  • Already Restart/Re-log, still not works.
  • Happen in all Maps, I think.
  • Start to notice 2 weeks ago when the unchecked free warp suddenly disappear from list.

Because the list disappears, I lost track of the quest I saved for warp, the quest I postponed, and the active quest also (E.g. idk how many corpse i need to collect???)


Hi @RishG,

Kindly send a support ticket regarding this for further assistance. Thank you.