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Extreme Lag in CMs and Instances Solved

The lag happens when you have buffs from a character that dcs / relogs / changes maps. The lag will continue until the buffs wear off, are clicked off, or you overwrite them.

I haven’t had time to test with all types of buffs yet but it happens 100% of the time with thaum buffs and ive seen it in cms and velco.


Thanks for sharing this info, hope it helps affected players

Shinobi Endurance Attribute seems to contribute to this as well. Had to keep it off to prevent lag

For me, there is only one solution: disable all GFX options. Lag comes from overloading the client with server info (for example: too many death animations from mobs when a skill like Meteor wipes a lot of them) which in turn cannot be processed, leading to FPS dropping to 0 while the client processes the info. If server still sends info while the client is stuck processing preivous data, the game freezes.