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Extreme Debuffs

Extreme Debuffs

The "extreme debuffs" are special debuffs used by monsters. You are inflicted with these debuffs when fighting monsters in Weekly Boss Raid, Joint Strike Raid, and endgame raid contents. This is to give some information on what these do, and how players can use them.

What do they do?

The extreme debuffs are special and placed in their own file in the client. Interestingly, the player-run database website Giyeon does not parse this file, so you cannot find these debuffs on that website.

There is one extreme debuff per element. IMC calls these SuperFire, SuperIce, SuperLightning, etc. Entries exist for Earth, Holy, Dark, and Soul, despite there being no debuff for those yet.

Players can gain resistance to these debuffs through special resistance stats that appear on ichors as blue stats. A higher resistance value decreases the duration of these debuffs by a percentage.

This is what the debuffs do, straight from their in-game descriptions, alongside my own gathered data. Note that different monsters can apply different durations of these debuffs than the defaults.

Extreme: Inferno (:fire:)
Receives a fixed damage constantly by a cycle, and the damage increases according to the number of stacks.
Physical/Magic Defense decreases for the duration.
(Default duration 30s, dmg every 2s, defense -20% on players, -2% on monsters)

Extreme: Frigid (:ice_cube:)
Movement Speed decreases by 40% and by -5. [Iced] is applied when the effect ends.
(Default duration 20s, freeze duration 3s)

Extreme: Overcharge (:cloud_with_lightning: )
Can not move when the stack reaches 5.
(Default duration 30s, stun duration 5s)

Extreme: Virulent (:green_circle:)
Receives damage constantly by a cycle, and the HP recovered decreases according to the number of stacks.
The effect is removed when the number of stack exceeds 10 and receives fixed damage in proportion to the remaining duration.
Same effect is applied to the allies nearby when receiving additional damage.
(Default duration 60s, dmg every 1s)

Extreme: Heavy Bleeding (:drop_of_blood:)
Receives damage constantly by a cycle, and the damage increases according to the number of stacks (+2% per stack on players, +0.5% per stack on monsters).
(Default duration 20s, dmg every 0.5s)

Extreme: Pass Out (:dizzy:)
Can not move.
Damage received from the enemy increases during the effect.
(Default duration 10s)
(Pass Out is the debuff used when players stun raid bosses, previously by casting/channeling)

How to use as a player

Players can apply Overcharge, Frigid, Virulent, Heavy Bleeding, and Inferno through the new Grace sets. Most of these use the same debuffs the monsters use, but can still have custom damage and duration values.

However, they made custom versions of the debuffs for Inferno and Virulent specifically for the player sets. These likely have different healing and defense decrease values. The damage and durations can easily be changed by the source of the debuff, but the values of these added effects cannot be changed without an entirely new debuff.

Inferno (:fire:): Gabija’s Grace
Frigid (:ice_cube:): Jurate’s Grace
Overcharge (:cloud_with_lightning: ): Saule’s Grace
Virulent (:green_circle:): Dahlia’s Grace
Heavy Bleeding (:drop_of_blood:): Pajauta’s Grace


Thanks for the info Crevox…

I’m searching in ToS community and you’re the one that still share knowledge about the game to make us know how the game works in the backend.

I was wondering how to ask you a question… Looting chance nowdays works where and for what?

I can be wrong but I think it only works for blue/purple/orange drops on field maps. Since these items are now obsolete (all you can do with them is dismantle them for a ridiculously low amount of nucle/sierra powder) looting chance is basically useless now. Too bad it doesn’t work for shards/powder/magic stones in CM and DS…

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I was thinking about how the whole ToS community don’t talk about this to change this thing… Many or all the games have an item to add looting chance when farming and here it’s obsolete. This doesn’t make any sense.

It’s only confirmed to work with Nucle/Sierra Powder, some drops in Division Singularity, and old legend materials like Planium. It’s not confirmed if it works on any new materials like Litis Powder.

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TOS JP posted an article describing the effects of extreme debuffs. It matches my original post, but it has the exact values for defense decrease, etc.

These have been added to my post.