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Extracting weapon appearance

There should be a possibility to extract skins from weapons that had their appearance changed.
This is mostly needed for skins that players can get from Goddess Cubes.

I realise that weapon skins are probably supposed to be a rare show-off part of your character but currently it doesn’t even work that way. These skins never get used becuase players find them too valueable to waste.
Players just hide their GC weapon skins at the very bottom of their Personal Storage.

Even end-game weapons are not a very good pick for these skins because players can never be sure if they won’t be switching to a better weapon eventually (especially if there’s a perspective of maximum player level being raised again).


They really should do this.
Instead of placing them and extracting them from weapons though, I think a better option would just be weapon slots in the fashion/vanity tab that you can freely place and unequip the weapon skins into, so long as you’re using a weapon of the same type.

That way they have their own perks over normal dropped weapons, and are also more hassle-free


There are a few ways they could implement this.
Extraction or skins slot are both fine by me.
I wouldn’t even mind if this was a TP thing as long as there is a way for us to re-use the skins.

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too bad, re-skinning is too expensive, i bet they would make extraction even way more expensive…