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Extend duration of Halloween Midnight Rumble event, ToS stamp tour event and Goddess Grace event

For Goddes Grace event - at least in two servers Moringponia was unkillable for week.

For pokemon event - u cant do it right now, cause its bugged.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg

I think, extending for at least one more week make sense, all of this is not player’s fault.


This please, some hadn’t be able to enter the pokemon dungeons for days even after trying different things :confused:

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And uphil halloween too.
Fck all solo dun50 for 100 turns stamp.

Hey, @eaa1987 thanks for bringing this up.

I would like to tell you that the devs are currently working on the issue on fixing the Grimore event dungeon issue and there is a chance that we could extend the event period so keep a lookout on the announcement pages for our official statement!

Also, we will try to come up with something for the Goddess’ Grace event since some servers are having difficulty defeating Moringponia.


Cut it’s HP half on poor (lack of population) servers. We’re not +25 Korean.

Don’t forget Halloween uphill too, we’re unable to enter there too.

My recommendation is to stop making bosses where the majority of the difficulty is being able to dedicate 1-2 hours killing it.

Huge HP totals do not a tough boss make.


That’s a good suggestion. But my idea of a tough boss is including mechanics you have to play around, and not just a huge hp pinata.

However, it’s obvious since the beginning of this game that the channels cannot take more than 15-20 people fighting a WB. It lags so much already and so nearly unplayable.

Imagine doing mechanics and gimmicks where you lag and can’t even see a majority of the sprites/graphics. Sounds worse than a large hp pool.

i could go for a
lower hp
but has considerable regen rate Owo

where players need to time a window of oppotunity to get a chunk of hp off the bar

and if they made the slightest of mistake, hp regen will contribute to itsdifficulty factor Owo

please consider changing the requirement of stamp tour gem feud mvp please :sad:

hp recover was never a good idea for bosses
remember boruta hp recover bug

oh right Owo;;; i forgot about that owO;;;

If you can’t kill many players, go for the Gem Collect MVP… You don’t have to be #1, just among Top 5 to get the stamp. Get a SR or BM and just farm SAFELY near your base, go to de middle just for some crystals when its safe, if you do this until the end, you might get Top5 :slight_smile: It ain’t hard tbh

Yeah it is up to IMC to learn how to code their game in order to minimize the impact of other players on your screen.

I really dont care about anyone that isn’t in my party. I don’t need to even see them. I just need to see the boss, my party, and what they are doing.

Give me the option to disable not only non-party effects, but them completely.

It isn’t easy either when there are 30 vs 30 teams, not even for the pvp factor but because of performance :confused:

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