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Exploration - Hidden Map Areas Guide

I see few info regarding this when I try to search online, so I made this while I’m trying to complete exploration in some maps. Sharing this here in case anyone needs it.

It’s still in progress, will add more maps with hidden/isolated areas. Feel free to comment if I missed something (if something is not in the list, I might already completed it prior to creating this document, don’t hesitate to remind me :sweat_smile:).

What’s missing so far:

Royal Mausoleum 1f
2nd Demon Prison
Irredian Shelter
Shaton Reservoir

Pradzia Temple:

  • use the Seal of Space on the left of the main room to go to a statue of Zemyna for a stat point
  • use the Seal of Space on the right of the main room to go to a small area with an inconscious rhino mob (anyone got an idea why it is there?)

Royal Mausoleum:

  • don’t recall any area on 1f…
  • complete the blue quest to go to the hidden treasure area

2nd demon prison + Shaton Reservoir:

  • just need to use portals and tunnels to visit all areas

IIRC there are also some"defunct" areas that are only reachable by exploits. For example, there is an abandoned room in Sanctuary to the left of the Naktis fight that you can only reach with the help of a Sage or being lucky with random teleportation from Wizard. And I know there are more areas like that…

Thank you~ I added Pradzia Temple.

And somehow found a way to complete 2nd Demon Prison and Shaton Reservoir (other than using a wizard). :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I already completed Sanctuary but forgot how lol. It’s probably a quest. Added it in missing list.