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Expanding 'Team Storage' by material category

Everybody knows the struggle of thousends of materials scattered above all characters and to switch if you’re looking for a certain material, or even flooding your inventroy with lots of ‘trash’ materials.

Lot’s of known MMO’s already implented such feature (the far best was in GW2). Honestly it’s just a act of copy/past.

I don’t mind if it is only available for Token users, or if you have to buy a ‘expand category’ item from the TP shop. I know there’s a addon roaming around that let you browse through all your character inventories once scanned. But i’m more annoyed by the amount of materials and quantity in my inventory. Especially when i got to HG or simply farming and within a few seconds my inventory gets crowded by mere 5 pieces of armor/weapons.

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I support the notion of a “material category” Team Storage, independent from the current Team Storage.

But of course, deep inside I know it’s wishful thinking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It may be wishful thinking but at least it was mentioned.

I just thought about a category for recipes aswell. I mean, i saw myself often searching for a recipe 'cause i knew i dropped it but still i barely find it.

I suggested something similar months ago, right after they reworked the Sorting System in the Personal Storage

Needless to say, the thread was buried to oblivion and not even considered, like every other suggestion made by other players… :frowning:

Both personal and team storage should let u re-arrange items at your own will