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Exorcist Initiate

I vow this to be my last thread about a build … probably

a few questions and pointers if you would be so kind, does gregorate still remove debuffs? I can no longer find the attribute and after AB and kata…spear should I take greg or entity?

HOW useful really is divine might? Would not a few levels instead of 10 suffice? Headed to a support that can also be a decent magic dps

I think that was removed

Even after the changes I don’t really like Entity, I took Gregorate instead, even at lvl 1 it’s a good additional damage skill to use and alternate between cooldowns, and also take Koinonia, it’s a good way to add damage to your build, and it can be useful in CM, that way you make “passive damage” while you heal and use other skills, Engkrateia at least at 1, it gives you knockdown and knockback immunity, and the attribute gives you some seconds of survival at 1HP that can make a big difference allowing you to heal yourself or save a party member in the middle of a CM or Raid with lots of knockback and knockdown

If you’re gonna take buffs in your build as Priest, then max them out, you can take some points away from Resurrection and Revive, you don’t really need them at max lvl because

  1. If you’re on a raid, if you resurrect someone, unless you heal him/her immediately they’re gonna die anyways since bosses like ignas and the future new raid boss can one shot, same with revive, they are really useful, but you have to heal your party member right away, so the amount of healing they get by uploading the skills it’s “almost” irrelevant
  2. In PVP you’re gonna die anyways

But that’s just my opinion, if you feel good about having Resurrection and Revive maxed out it’s fine too, besides since Foretell is gonna be changed, and it’s not gonna give more immunity anymore, maybe having them maxed out is gonna me a must in the future


Hmm yes I see survivability seems paramount as a healer, all damage skills level 1 and the rest dump them in Koinonia… how often will there be a team of 3 clerics? Or templar for that matter but it is powerful…

Well, not ALL OF THEM, obviously you need to max Rubric and Katadikazo, Rubric is gonna be your main damage as Exorcist

So Rubric lvl15, Katadikazo lvl5, Engkrateia lvl1, Gregorate lvl1, then use the rest of points to lvl up Aqua Benedicta and Koinonia at your like, you can max out Koinonia and use the rest in Aqua Benedicta, or max out Aqua and use the rest in Koinonia

That depends on your server, and what people decide to use, remember that not all clerics are builded as “healers” or “support”, some of them are damage oriented, so it’s not impossible to have 3 clerics in a party, but it’s fairly low since people tend to use other clases as damage since they have a healer in the party, and they believe they can take any class to a party since “it’s your job” to keep them alive. Sometimes you’re gonna find parties of only scouts and mages, they have high damage but low sustainability, which is a pain in the ass, it doesn’t matter the game, if someone dies it’s always “the healer’s fault”

Templars only in GTW, you have more chances to have 3 clerics in a party than having 1 templar

Haven’t played exorcist for awhile, not sure how much has changed. All I remember was that it has only 1 super good skill (Rubric) and the rest are just OK.

I personally don’t like Katadikazo much because of the cast time and low damage. Unless they changed it recently.

At least 1 point in Engkrateis is nice to have. It can last 6 sec (with attribute) so you don’t get interrupted during rubric.

I’d say might as well max koinoma and aqua benedicta since other skills are kinda meh.

No max on divine might?! Well, I’m not sure what you plan on doing with counter spell, but I definitely think divine might is worth maxing. Maxing twist of faith is a fine choice as well.

@robert.rojastapia hey thanks for telling us about the revive and ressurect thing. Though I still think revive is worth maxing in the situation you said. 5 sec invincibility should be quite practical.

Same, I hate Katadikazo, I would prefer to have Magnus Exorcismus (old deleted Chaplain skill) instead of Kata.

No, the skill is still the same, but in future patches the casting time is gonna be reduced

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it just seemed nice to use spear to hit airborne targets, I think they removed the rubric flinch and stop when you get attacked.

Rubric slows enemies when they get hit by the skill