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【Exorcist - Crusader - Druid】Casual Legend Skiaclipse

Video Description :
I had to return player buff in this video, so my magic attack is much higher than the current stats. I have around 18k magic attacks without the buff. All +11 Savinose gears without T10 upgrade bonuses. You don’t necessary need +16-21 gears to run Casual Legend Skiaclipse. As long as you understand the mechanics, you can easily kill skiaclipse within 10-15 minutes.
It took me to run Casual Skiaclipse in 13 minutes without return player buff and 11 minute with return player buff.
:crossed_swords: Timestamp :crossed_swords:
► 0:00 - 2:37 First Phase
► 2:40 - 9:58 Second Phase
► 10:34 - 11:13 Items, Cards, and Skills Build
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