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【Exorcist - Crusader - Druid】1B+ Damage Without T10 +16/+21 Gears Challenge

Video Description :

➤ Apply Aqua + Kata + Rubric combos as many time as possible. This will provide you the highest DPS output with/without Ataka set effect.
➤ Crusader skills play a major role in burst. Pop SP potion to apply Chap’s card first before using Crusader skills.
➤ Pull the boss to north, this strategy will prevent lightning hit you off screen
➤ Always use Gregorate to debuff the boss for additional +20% Holy Damage
➤ Pop Grass ARTS! This will save you 15-30 seconds tanking against Zaura with 25x damage stacks. You always use grass for additional DPS, but you also want to manage your time while attacking Zaura. Every seconds counts!
➤ Chap cards are optional, but these cards are useful only if you’re using Grass ARTS

Video Link :

Now that’s exploiting :joy: just red name jokes

Being able to not dealt with the lightning is a +++++++ benefit though.