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Exchange Shop Skill Gem Cube

I purchased the Skill Gem Cube from the Exchange Shop… Gem was for a class I don’t have for any of my characters… Gem can’t be sold on the market…

Is there any NPC or something where you can exchange skill gems, like 3 gems will allow you to select one of your choice? Or even if it was a random re-roll.

If not, the Gem Cube is kind of pointless - except for being a straight up racket, of course. Basically, I have an Explosion Gem I’m going to sell to the item shop NPC for 100 silver or it will just be taking up space in my storage.

Wait some weeks, the gem reroll you are talking about is being added. Also, don’t buy skill gem cubes from the exchange shop ever again :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve learned my lesson. :laughing:
But if the reroll is coming up… :thinking:

The reroll is good since it let you choose any skills gem of your choice.

When will this hit Itos?