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Ex jugador. con muchas dudas


I would like to know what is really happening with the game today. I played when the game first came out in its open beta. now I have wanted to go back with a friend. but I watch videos and I hardly see people playing. I would like to know how the community currently works, in number of players on or what has happened to the game during these years. because from what you see, his passing has not been the most successful. I remain attentive to your responses, Best regards.

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The game is going downhill. If you want to be competitive, you’ll ever have to RMT or grind countless hours with multiple alts .The game is littered with RNG, from upgrading your items to connecting with the server. People play games to be happy, but what this game brings is more frustration. I advice you to stay away.

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The game is good, you can manage with what the game gives you, but you will have to invest a lot of time to be on the same equipment as the old players, I have been playing for 3 months, every day and I still couldn’t make it not even half the equipment of the old players

Maybe with the changes IMC is saying it will be more easy to new/returning players