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Event Transcendence Stage 5 Scroll Bug

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Date and Time(04/06/ 2019 12:01 PM) :

Server Name: Klapedia

Team Name: Rishy

Character Name: Rishy

Bug Description :
I bought the transcende scroll from the event, but I’m not able to use it. I right click and then I select the item I want to transcent but nothing happens.

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you should include your item name or images.

I have tried with all my savinose armors, it doesn’t work in any of them.

You should try reading the item description better…
Nevermind, I should try looking at images better…

Hello @rishi27955,

For us to assist you further with your issue, kindly send us a support ticket.

Hello, I sent a ticket

The same problem occurred to me. This problem is the same as the above link

Hi, I forgot to post it. My problem was solved when I removed an addon called tooltip helper. Maybe you could find a similar fix

Hi @GM_Francis, I can not use my transcendence stage 8 too…