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Event Savinose gears

I have a question regarding the current event. If I get the event Savinose gears in exchange for coins. are the gears permanent? Or will they also be deleted after the event?? Also, I noticed they cannot be awakened or upgraded. But can they be transcended??

EDIT: Also, can pamoka solutions be applied to them??

one thing they cant: cant be anvil at all. Oh, and there will be [event] in their name

They will be permanent
they can be Transcend to T10, awaken, insert gem, pamoka too


thank you so much! i just needed confirmation.

Oh, can u ichor savinose gears? if yes, how??

insert ichor? just like normal savinose gear
or make an ichor like primus? not possible

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On the event Weapon, you can apply the “fixed ichors” like skiaclipse or wastrel, but you cannot apply the “random ichors”, like primus/blue/violet gear.

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OOhhhhhhhhh, I see. Thanks again.

the only things that are prohibited:

can’t sell, can’t trade [only team storage available], cannot be used as material for item appearance [i.e. you cannot use this weapon as a weapon skin for another weapon], cannot apply item awakening [as the item has no potential], cannot upgrade further than +11 [no potential],cannot reduce via NPC for materials

What you can do:

transfer through team storage, add gems [1/3/5 sockets open already], transcend to T10, add item appearance, add fixed stat ichor, apply enchant jewel, apply set effect

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No awakening even with awakening stone? It’s the same principle as changing weapon appearance if you pay silver, using tp weapon appearance or those gacha skin.

can be awakened with stone.

item description says awakening is not possible, but I haven’t tried it yet since I have no stones left

If it can be awakened, that’s IMC’d as expected

it is possible, tried and tested.

The description says awakening isn’t possible while it’s still unidentified. After you appraise it, it’s fine.

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I was able to awaken mine using stone + abrasive.

If it cannot be upgraded due to potential, can it be upgraded using golden anvils since it wont reduce potential??

no. locked at +11 as i said at previous post


When you apply a fixed stat ichor, does it replace the random stats it had?

no. it keeps both


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i cant trascend, when i tryo to put the savinose item…window close

You might be using the wrong npc. To transcend legend gear, you need to use Teliavelis in fedimian.


Take note that the item has 0 potential though. So make sure to only transcend at 100% chance. Coz I read someone lest their Event Savinose thinking it had potentials to lose XD

Was the item identified or not? I tried to transcend the unidentified Savinose and the window bugged. Once ided it worked perfectly.