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[Event] Reconstruction of Orsha

Hey there!

I’d like to suggest an event around the reconstruction of Orsha. According to the storyline, Orsha and villages nearby were the most affected by Medzio Diena and thousands of families lost their home and loved ones, having to withstand difficulties to reach Orsha after an order emitted by Lord Inesa.

Each week (total of 4) there would be different jobs posted on Notice Board demanding materials, crafted materials, escorts (help those settlers that couldn’t make to Orsha), kill x monster in y time to defend Orsha etc, all of them able to complete in Orsha and nearby maps. Each number of completed jobs (individual and group?) will grant you something. For example, each 5 jobs completed would give you items (the usual: dungeon resets/multipliers, anvils, sandras etc) and if you complete all of them you get a title like ‘Settler Helper’ or ‘Savior of Orsha’.

Thank you for reading! Stay safe.