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[Event] Moringponia Crossbow is bugged?


DEX ▲ 70

Maximum Attack ▲ 339

Critical Rate ▲ 68

  • Crossbow basic attack damage ▲ 35%

  • Attack ricochets on enemies near the target (target number: 2)

It says that the basic attack when using this crossbow ricochets to nearby enemies, instead, the ichor is causing a double hit, like a Masinios Crossbow.

Did imc changed something or is bugged?

shown here looks normal

maybe itos bugged

Have you tried testing it with a non-Event Moringponia Crossbow? I have. This is what I’ve found.

-Against 1 target, hits 1 time.

-Against 2 targets, hits each target 1 time.

All relevant effects, such as Biteregina/Rajapearl cards, Running Shot, Event Storm Ark, and Targeted Arrow, were disabled for this test. There are also certain accessories and armors (that I do not have equipped) that can add additional hits.

If the Event Moringponia Crossbow still hits each target more than 1 time with any such effects disabled, then it might be bugged.

yeah it is bugged, checked just now using event moringponia crossbow

Interesting. If it really is just a doubled basic attack, I might have to get the thing myself for its unique effect. I’ll hold off until a couple of maintenances, though. It’s possible that this bug will be fixed.

I got one to see if it’s still bugged, and from what I’ve seen so far, it is. It’s not bugged in the way that’s been described, though.

Maybe it’s different if you ichor it, but it seems to only hit one target once right now. Basically, it’s not even worth it at this point. No big deal since I have the real thing (and it’s still functioning normally).

I guess this I’ll just toss this one into my collection.

The double hit was my running shot, i forgot that. But thank u guys for testing this with me. I dont know if another event itens are bugged,besides this xbow