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[Event] Lovely Rolly Polly mistake

Silver Ichor Extraction Kit doesn’t mention it being 14 days in the Event patch note…but when I purchase one kit in game it says 14 days!

Would be nice to make my purchase Silver Ichor Extraction Kit a none timed item like you mentioned on your event list please.

Misleading information is not cool.

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The shop ingame does have the correct info, though. Maybe you should have read what you were buying.

Typo from IMC is not my fault.Look at the Golden Extraction Kit from the Popo event…in game it says it would be destroyed at 0 potential but it’s just an error from IMC.

I knew exactly what I saw in game with timer,however the patch notes should reflect what’s ingame correct?
Knowing IMC,they probably made the typo ingame or bad coding so purchase it knowing it should of been with no timer like promised.

How so?Why can’t the patch notes be correct and the ingame product wrong? Lol
It wouldn’t be the first nor last time they mess up ingame.

Maybe you should read carefully lol the Event patch note.:joy::rofl::sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t5:

Because the item you get is what’s mentioned in the shop, whatever the patch notes may say. Why did you bother purchasing timed silver ichor kits if you aren’t fine with it being timed? You could just have made this same thread without purchasing them and ask which of the two descriptions was wrong, instead of coming here and pretend non-timed ones instead of yours.

psst, you know what… try check /candy_orsha. one of the master are scout master, while the patch note says linker master. “TYPO” or not, its IMC magic :haha:

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