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[Event/Content Idea] Master Trials

Hey! o/

After IMC removed item requirements to cast most (or all?) skills in the game, even removing leveling arts from them, they’re useless in a practical way, only there for the lore. I was thinking they could be used in another way as in Master Trials.

A Master Trial would be a solo content given by class masters in order to show who’s the best in a specific class. The idea is to only use skills from the specific class (e.g. Ardito skills only for Ardito Master Trial) and complete some stages in less time. I’m not thinking about only killing mobs and bosses, maybe use some minigames.

For Arditos, an example would be running from point A to point B in a straight line avoiding obstacles, like grenades that can knock you down, flames from Tre Granate that will damage you overtime so you can’t interact with mechanisms/NPCs, fight with disciples or even the Master herself etc. As another example, Musketeer/Tiger Hunter could have a hunt game where you had to hide to not be killed and hunt your prey in MGS3 style with The End battle.

Whoever finishes it will be ranked and each week participants from top 5/10 would receive rewards. Top 1 may receive a temporary title (not like ‘Arditi’ only from WBR, something else) or a costume. It could also give a specific coin for participants to spend somewhere. Implemented as it is, each Master Trial would respect the lore/array of skills from each class, so each class would have distinct Trials considering their skills and background.

Could also involve some class exclusive PVP to not stick solely with the PVE side.

I understand this has problems to consider like tons of classes, rebalance, the current WBR system that now rewards class titles and, of course, tons of work required from IMC. In my opinion this would be a nice touch to the game.

Thanks for reading all of this.