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[EVENT] Clearing the confusion regarding "Out Comes the Full Moon" event 🌑 (what you need to know)


IMC already posted details about the event here but there are still players who are confused how they’re not getting the required “Full Moon Fragments” and consequently the rewards which I understand since I had the same confusion before - hence this little write-up.

I will not include anything about the “Growing Moon Challenge” since I never did it. There seems to be no reward for doing it either. Wish they gave titles to the top 10 at least to motivate players to do it too.

Doing the :new_moon: event

To start, know that daily event resets at 12:00 AM server time (if you’re playing in Telsiai-SEA server, that’s around noon time in real life). Once event has resetted, go to fishing area (northern part of Klaipeda City) and find the event NPC “Full Moon Kupole”.

Talk to her and select the first option “Daily Event”. This will trigger the event for your whole team (it doesn’t matter which character talked to the NPC).


You will also see a little moon :new_moon: following your characters around.


Now everyone in your team will be able to get fragments from doing quests and killing bosses (dungeon, mercenary missions, CM, Saalus, etc.) that’s within at most 30 levels higher or lower than your character.

Here’s a very important thing to note: After collecting enough fragments (20) on a character and you decide to claim your reward for the day from the NPC, the event will stop for the whole team until you do the event again the next day. This means that your characters will stop getting fragments until then.

To claim your reward with the current character, make sure you have at least 20 fragments on it and talk to the NPC again and select the same first option. If you have more than 20 fragments on the character, rest assured that the NPC will only take 20 from you. :+1:


  1. Fragments can be stored in Team Storage. This means you can stock on fragments from all your characters and decide which character will get the reward for a particular day. For example, you might want to claim the Skill Reset potion on the 10th day you do the event on a specific character since it’s non-transferrable.

  2. Claim your reward at the end of your playing day (make sure to claim it before event resets). This will allow you collect as much fragments as possible on your characters and store them in team storage. As noted earlier, if you claim your reward right away, the event will stop for the day and your characters will stop getting fragments.

  3. Running Saalus missions seems to be the most optimal way to get fragments since you’re likely already doing it anyways before this event came out, and the bosses there scale to the level of the highest level member in the party (please correct me if I’m wrong with that - thanks!). Hitting two birds with one stone. You can also do mercenary missions like Catacombs Mission which I found easiest and quickest to do (about 6 minutes from my experience) as it provides 7+ bosses to kill per instance, yielding you at least 14 fragments per run (42 fragments in total per char if you do it thrice).

Hope that clears things up. Enjoy!

About Full Moon event

between awful internet and other stuff I haven’t had the time or energy to do this event D:

Thanks you for the info for if I get the will to grow a baby moon :blush:


I’m yet to meet someone with a very big moon. Either very few people are doing that growing challenge, or it’s visually bugged (or it’s just like that).


Pretty sure that having and ugly ass gigantic moon following you around with noises isn’t really appealing to anyone, especially when it doesn’t offer you anything


I wonder if those at the top 10 of the list will get something special? It isn’t indicated on the site. By the way, great guide senpai.


I know a few people with 300+ turned in, top 10 rank, and it’s barely twice the size of the original.

Also, 2 fragments is rank 360 on Klaipeda, at the time of this posting.


I am very much sure, rather than saalus, running catacombs mission is way better.
7 bosses in 1 instance, all scaled to your level. If RNG is with you, you might even get an 8th.
7 bosses x 2 frags x 3 runs = 42 frags per char in 5 minute per run (obviously need to have a decent dps char to be running it with decent mspd).


Moon will grow, in time.


Yes, for getting fragments it’s Catacombs Raid indeed. I updated my post to mention how Saalus is most optimal due to nearly everyone doing it anyways even before this event came. The merc mission is still great for stocking up.


Catacomb is better but it is not giving fragments. :tired:


Thank you for this.

You also get a ton of fragments just from doing Saalus. Something like 36 a day.


Catacomb Mission gives fragments I have done it…


Did you activate the event before entering?

Since after event was fixed i haven’t seen anyone saying they didnt get frags. Mind telling more details?


Details? I can get no fragments from bosses in catacombs, saalus, Library raids, but SOMETIMES I have drop on random chars. I can get fragments from challenge bosses and quests on all chars when event is active.


do you go alone or party?_?


Sounds like level range issue if its a party.


Nope. It seems like quest is not active in some instance channels in Fedimian.


I wonder if you took the growing challenge in any of your chars you will need to end that challenge on that exact char before everyone in your team can properly do the daily event (first option).


No, I’ve taken and turned in Growing Moon on random chars almost every day the last week. Traditionally I’ll do both events on a single char for convenience.