[Europe - Fedimian] Last Chapter guild looking for active and friendly players


[Europe - Fedimian] Last Chapter guild looking for active and friendly players.

Hello there! we are a small guild, currently we have around 25 very active players, if you would like to play in a no stress environment with respectable and easy-going peeps that are looking for the family-like feeling in guilds then this is THE place for you!

We do everything from HG’s, dungeons to world bosses. (Pvp too but we kinda suck :wink:), we also contribute with time spawns of Field/gimmick bosses (world bosses) in the message board of our guild so we can all get the profits. We are lvling the taming and farming system as fast as we can so you can grow crops and tame any pet/mount you want.

Here are SOME of our guild features:

[Guild Tower]

We are located in Akmens Ridge CH1 not so far from the teleport statue.


For those who has never seen how does the guild look on the inside! :smiley:



[Guild Buffs]

[Guild Storage]

[Special events & raids!]

Guild boss hunting, missions and more!

[More activities]

Uh… thats the wrong picture!

Hunting grounds, Saalus, Uphills, Siauliai’s and everything else You need!

[Guild wars]

[Message Board]

Join the guild to remove black gaps! XD

If you are interested just reply your “team name” (lodge) in this post and we will contact you either here or in the game!

Last Chapter awaits!

From the left: Chi, Bonecarver, GrimoireHearts and VanillaStorm.


Hello Potatar,

You’ve got friend invitation from “GrimoireHearts”.
He will speak with You then give You guild invite.


Hi, I would like to join the guild.
I’m still relatively new to the game (I only have 1 char and it’s 130).
And you guys seem fun to play with, so i’d like to join.
My team name is Rasenganjedi.
Hope to see you in game.


Hi Rasenganjedi,
I’ve sent You friend request and whispered to You.


hi my main is lvl 102 and i woulaike to oi
jn my team neam is “warXdog” or “warxdog” cant remmber :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi , im looking for a guild, , started recently main lvl 100 ,
team name : FireCatt´s lodge
nick: FireCatt


Last Chapter is still recruiting active players!


Hi,can i join too?im level 125 and i have been looking for a guild for so long


I was mainly a ragnarok-player in the past. However some days a go I decided to quit with FRO and try ToS again. I played it a little about 4-5 months a go. I am from Germany, but I am fine with speaking english within the guild. Currently I study dental medicine - as following I can only play a little. :slight_smile:

So far I have: 130 Capharat, 120 Babarian, 90 Ranger, 60 Wizard and 150 Pinguin :slight_smile:

My team name is: Saintshadow

Have a nice evening.

Kind regards,



Im back playing the game again. Been playing the game alot before. My last guild was disbanded apparently. Im in search of a new guild and you guys seems to be a nice guild.

My char is mainly a warlock lvl 320 atm.

Im from sweden and can speak english.

My team name is Hablob

Best Regards


Hello @hablob5 @Shahila and

You should receive friend invitation from player named “Bonecarver”. Please make sure to accept it and contact him so He invite You all to the guild! :slight_smile:

@Argus We need Your “Team Name” so we can contact You. Please leave us Your team name below.

Hope I’ll see You soon!



Hey @rpgveir,
thanks for the fast answer and for adding me as friend. Currently I am a little busy due to exams but I will contact you in two days. :slight_smile: Have a good night & thanks!

Kind regards


Hey @Shahila. You will get messaged either by “GrimoireHearts” or “Bonecarver” in the game.
See You in the game!


heyyy grim,Do u memember my companion “Argus”? im already in the guild so now im just checking the forum again i guess XD


Yeah I remember! Hi!

LastChapter guild is still recruiting!



Interested in joining your guild if you’re still recruiting, seems like a chill group. I’m still getting familiar with the game, have a few characters to see what I prefer, highest around lvl130.

Name is HexedUnderMoon

Will be away for a day or two but playing daily after that



Hi @Hexed! I invited you to friends. Search for “GrimoireHearts”


Hey there!
You guys seem pretty cool. I’m looking for some not very serious, not huge in numbers and friendly guild so I have someone to type with between murdering monsters and murdering more monsters (and for group activities of different kinds too). My activeness ranges from “just do all the instances” to “omfg it’s been 10 hours already,my hands are burning but maybe will finish this one last quest and check the market…” I have one character 250lv ranger3/wugushi3 at the moment.
Name’s BlueElf



Hi @jarvielf

Sorry for late reply. If You’re still interested then we can invite You to the guild!
Search for “GrimoireHearts” in Your whispers or friend invitations.


Can i join your guild? :slight_smile:

Im a returning player. Have a Swertser reiter and a cryo chrono sage :slight_smile: