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[EU] Server Suggestions

I am a returning player from Alpha
back then players were not listened wich is why a lot of us left.

I am making a list of things I feel would improve the peoples loyalty:

-Early Game: this I think is a major issue most of the game is currently end game,
I mean by this that most play alone until end game, because the server is almost empty
of newcomers, this is also the second problem for being playing an MMO the game is rather
lonely… people barely go in parties… I think this could be adressed by making monsters more difficult
but more experience rewarding… this would build up community and companionship by making people
do parties to advance further together.

-Trading: This is to me the lamest and saddest aspect of the game if you have friends who play this game you cannot trade with them unless you buy a token… so if I am an archer class and recieve
a swordman class item I cannot trade it with him… This is such a common feature to us EU players
its sad…

-Premium Items: I think premium items should be something more visual than utilitarian, people like
paying for costumes and visual things in Europe a lot of other games are doing it instead of giving
ingame advantage items that aniway are not all that great to pay for :blush:

-Trades 2(Ingame Coins): I have noticed upon playing that we cannot trade items for ingame zenny this is making players assign values to other “temporarily useful Items” as coin, currently we assign 1 million to blessed gems, and trade those, however if tomorrow they are rendered useless the value of this will fall leaving a lot of people with nothing. Also creates a submerged economy that cant be specially good to the game.

Hats and Items(Mistery?): there are currently lots of hats and Items that are in the official site but not known at all if they are only KOR or were to get at all…
Also I think itd be understood that items that need testing happen first in KOR server… but I dont see
how it hurts the game to add the hats that are misteriously missing.

Skins for Companions, and new Companions:
We love companions tho some of them are too hard to get , wich are actually the cutest ones, or cant
be adquired at all anymore , except buy paying an enormous ammount to earlier players.
I think also some pets look like they could be cuter without their costumes like the cute Shiba Goro
so I think adding skins optional to the pet might be a nice feature and also a new way making more
money in our server

Rates in Newest Patch 11(CM):
we have done 5 CMs and we have gotten literally nothing good out of it, neither the exp, the zenny
or the drops were worth something…
I dont know how to tweak this, you guys are the experts in this… I am just adding this as an obvservation and thats about it.

For now this are my ideas perhaps in the Future I will come up with more suggestions


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This is some truth that needed to be issued inmediately, thanks for writting these pile of info, saluteishons.

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