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[EU - Fedimian] Maid Café

Hey there!

ReidCulo, GM of Maid reporting here.

An International guild with players all around the world that is dedicated to PVE, PVP and basically any guild content that this game has to offer, as we strive to be the best on our server and to compete even against other servers.

I may say with a lot of pride that Maid Café is the largest and most friendly guild of the server at the moment, all thanks to its members trying their best to keep it that way.

If you want to join us in our adventure we offer you a positive enviroment full of people willing to have fun with the game and trying to improve costantly, what we ask is love for the game and some dedication to guild life and activities!

We can count on a huge number of players, almost hitting the cap of 89 members each time.

For more info contact Albero, ReidCulo, Charis or Sqnik.

Good Luck and have fun!