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Eternal Dark Energy Buff

Date and Time : since 04/16/2019

Server Name: [SA]Silute

Team Name: Fenrir

Character Name: Artemis and Maxwell

Bug Description :

I have two characters with Dark Energy buff for four months! I don’t want this buff, because I don’t go to Velcoffer’s Lair anymore and almost can’t see my own character outfit due to dark smoke.

I already tried not to log in these characters for more than 5 days and as you can see below, It didn’t work.

I also tried to click with right button above buff icon, repaired Steam local files and sent three tickets, but nothing changed.

Video :

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NOT logging in does nothing since it does not count further when you are off :slight_smile:

if you dont login that character, it won’t count. had mine also for 3 months. and i only login for 1-2 hrs with that char.

So, the solution is: stay online for 5 days?

It’s a 7 day duration buff. If they made it tick down while people were offline, they would be unhappy, so they didn’t.

So, yes, just staying online and waiting would get rid of it.

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