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Error message while trying to load the game

I already read all the support section, however, I keep getting this message when the game client gets to 100% and it says that I need to reinstall it. I used to play this game in previous years in the same machine and this never happened. Anyone now what this could be?

I am from Brazil, using a 250 mb internet connection and a GeForce GTX 760 graphic card.

Any help is appreciated.Error

There is probably a conflict between versions of VC++ Redistributable on your computer and the game tries to reinstall it and fails. You can try reinstalling VC++ Redistributable or if already installed, delete it.

I have all of these in my computer. Do you know which one I should delete or try to reinstall? Also, is there a prefered microsoft link to do that? It appears there are different names for 2015 versions, for example.

Thank you for the reply.!

I see. With all these versions installed, there’s surely a version mismatch. Can you scan your comp and see which of these use vcomp140.dll? Then look at your Windows “path” variable and check that the correct directory is selected, if not edit your path so it points to the one version with vcomp140.dll.

IIRC ToS is using the x86 version and it seems the latest installed on your comp is VC++ 2015 x64, which is probably not the one used by ToS (I’d say it’s the VC++ 2017 one).

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