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Error code 8: stucked at character selection screen


Team Name : Kissel

Character Name : Plum

System Information :
Windows 10 pro, AMD 2700x, gtx 980ti gpu, 16 gb ram, 256 gb ssd, 3tb rom

When the error happened(Date, time, location) :
Jan. 09, 2019. 2:30 SGT. Klaipeda ch 1

Steps to reproduce the issue :
After logging in I’m stucked at the character selection screen. and errors code 8 shows up

Description :
Error code 8, can’t enter game after I got disconnected by this error. I tried to verify integrity files but still didn’t fixed it. Please fix this before re there is so much I want to do. Thanks


Please fix this. Even checking files integrity is not working. :sad:


They transferred 1 of my character to Orsha but still it’s either stuck at character selection screen or stuck at loading screen and disconnected when got in. Please fix this. Thanks


Hello kumagzter,

Please send a ticket to support for further assistance with the issue you are encountering, please also provide the workarounds you have tried to solve the problem, to help speed up resolving the issue.


Errors 8 and the empty lodge are caracteristic of an unstable internet connection. I have the same problems because I have wifi which provokes small micro disconnections. There’s no solution to this, except getting a better internet connection.


I already sent ticket. I tried vpn and it’s working. So I think server and IP problem. :sad:


I’ve done all of what you guys told me to do on the tickets, but I still have this problem.
@GM_Francis @STAFF_Yuri

Just yesterday I was playing with VPN. Now you restrict my VPN IP? How will I play now?

When I’m using my orig IP I got this error