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Error CODE 8 and code 16

hi i play the game for 1day and zero bug or problem just when u try reconnect to game next day it look like they ban my last ip so i use vpn and play agin then next day that vpn ip was band i cheng vpn server and play like that agin zero bug or problem in my game or internet and i say agine i play game …
now i just want to know why this game keep ban last ip?
i can play game right now just use vpn and ping 300-3000 but why i must do that?

it look like i dont get connect to chat server (channels)

Hi @yazdani1369,

Kindly send a support ticket in order for us to assist you.


lol if they can help i never put in from to ask help form player in first place
is not new bug it was in 2016 to this day