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Error Code 6? What in the world?


So…Just started the game up, and it’s saying something along the lines of this.

“Cannot complete Zone Code. Error Code 6. An Error occured while checking the game’s verification code. You may have started the game via an incomplete path or lost connection with your account’s session.”

I know I could try sending a ticket, and I might. But I wanted to ask here first. Has anyone stumbled upon something like this while playing? If so, how did you solve it, if at all?


can you take an image, you can post it directly, just crop error on paint, copy and paste here…

Try to verify game local cache on steam…



Here you are.


Does it happen when loading town or when passing from one map to another?_?

Try having only the game on when doing CM too and check settings in the game and try to remove some things you might not need at bottom like bloom and other effects…

Like I said before, open steam > right click on game > Properties > Local > Verify… it should tell you if there is something wrong or missing…

rest is to lower the stress on the game/compu in game settings…

PD: Every time I get an error crash I log out and back in and it stop repeating if lucky…


This is just from me trying to get into the game proper from the Lodge.

As for verifying things, it mentioned that four files failed to validate and will be reacquired. So…There’s that?


yeah! hope it gets solved after files get re-download…


Same. I wanna see how fun this game really is!
Started as a Swordsman and everything, though if I like it enough, I might end up rolling a seperate toon as a Wizard and go for any summoning classes.


hope you can get in and play well, there is a reset event going on that will let you test lot of builds and a big change coming in the future…

I recommend checking it out too if you haven’t and


Hello CobaltGale,

Please send a ticket to support team in order for them to assist you with the issue you encountered. Please provide the exact information about your Team, Character and server where you are playing to help on investigation and resolve the issue faster.