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Error Code 21: Cannot use party, guild or group chat

Date: June 2019
Server Name: Telsiai (SEA)
Team Name: EvilGen1us
Character Name: Aja

Bug Description: I cant use whisper, party chat, shout, and i also cant use dungeon teammate match :frowning: please tell me how to fix this. I don’t think my Internet Connection is the problem coz I’m confident i have good IC… It’s too frustrating to play like this but i wanted to play more :frowning: pls help :sob::sob::sob:

Screenshots / Video :
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That’s just the sign of an unstable connection and should go away once your IC gets better.

this often happens to me when using certain ISP. :thinking:

try using vpn if this keeps happening. it works for me somehow.

I dont think the IC is the problem. I’m confident I use good IC :frowning:

Are you, by any chance, Indonesian player using ISP named XL or Axis?

Open your task manager and monitor your IC while you’re connected to the game. You should get constant flow of data if your IC is stable. If like me you got some “holes”, this means you could get “micro-disconnections” that are not bad enough to kick you from the game but enough to get some error messages while using chat (error 21) or checking guild activity (error 26).

how I fix that? :frowning:

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