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Equipment help needed

Need some advice on how to further progress me equipment. What I have now

Event Items
+11 T8 Savinose Staff (5 Level 7 Blue Gem) with lousy stats, non ichor
+11 T8 Savinose Plate Armor (no gem) with lousy stats, Moringponia ichor, no set effect
+11 T8 Savinose Plate Pants (no gem) with INT & CON stats, Moringponia ichor, no set effect
+11 T8 Savinose Plate Gaultets (no gem) with INT/CON/SPR stats, Moringponia ichor, no set effect
+11 T8 Savinose Plate Greaves (no gem) with lousy stats, Moringponia ichor, no set effect
3 Piece Solmiki Accessories
3 10-Star Pyroego Card
3 10-Star Chapparition Card

That’s most of it.

  • I suppose I should try to aim to get proper stats so I need more magnifying glasses for it
  • What set effect should I get?
  • Can you awaken or use Enchant Jewels on Event Equipment?
  • What gems should I equip on my equipment?
  • How much of a priority are cards, namely the Zaura and Nuale cards because those are really expensive?
  • What ichor should I get for my weapon?

Any other important things that I miss out? Right now I have roughly 50mil - 60mil to spare which I’m not sure if its a lot or not (Telsial server), what should I focus on first?

in your position i would
get a better weapon cause thats the core. a T10, better enhancement like +16, lv 8 blue gems which kinda easy and cheap now. that would add like 3k++ more matk
for savinose i supposed you are wiz or cleric so perhaps korup if you do lots of debuff
or go for another defesive set stat if you arent
and zaura or nua is the best blue so yeah everyone kinda need it.
if those are event stuffs and you wanna go wild with it for long term, get 4k candy a day and spend all of them for magnifiers.

Assuming you are fine with staying with a +11 weapon:

Events often give magnifiers (or the option to get them), so you can slowly reroll the bad stats you have. I’d give priority to rerolling the staff, since 2H weapon rolls are better than armor.

For set effect, it really depends on your build, which you didnt mention. For summoner, wait for Liris(Lilith? I dont know the correct name lol) to be available from Misrus fragments. Many people are also saying Ataka is very good, which will also come from Misrus Fragments.

Yes, event gear can be enchanted just like any normal gear.

I’d go for lvl8 blues on weapon, lvl8 blues on top+bottom, and lvl8 greens on glove+boots. lvl7s if you dont want/cant get lvl8s.

Zaura and Nuaele are best in slot depending on what content you are doing, and since you use 2H weapon, I’d say they are a good investment (depending on price ofc, I dont know the prices on Telsiai, but on klai they are cheap). Most endgame content does magic damage, so I’d go for Nuaeles, and its the same reason why I’d go for blue gems on top+bottom.

As for weapon ichor, again, it depends on your build. For summoner, use wastrel. For pyro, use moringponia, for Elementalist use Skia Rune, etc etc. If your build doesnt need an specific ichor, use the Misrus one (400ish matk+130 int), or Masinios (cheapest ichor)

If you are fine with staying with a +11 weapon, you can even transcend them to stage 10. If not, you can save up silver to buy a +16 from market. As for armors, +11 event ones are perfectly fine, and you can transcend them to stage 10 too.

Unless you are a pyro or summonor main, rod + shield is always better. Don’t even bother to get the korup set effect, it is garbage and not worth the Pakoma. What you should focus on is use what you have now and start farming legend skiaclpise. Your current event gears (with four morningponia ichcor) should provide you enough hp and dps to join any group and do respectable damage (no you do not need to T10 and have lvl8 gems on your staff). Ideally you want to have two sets of armor for end game contents, pve and pvp. The current best pve armor set is smugis (which is only available for varna armor. for future update the higher dps amror set effect will become Ataka set which can be apply to savi or varna gear. In the other word, varna armor will always best.) it is 100 times easier than getting a +16 T10 weapon and will significantly improve your pve dps.

I intend to keep using the event items first, since I’m fairly casual and I think it would be still ok to use them. I’m thinking what is the baseline that I should settle for first before I proceed to something even higher like a +16 weapon

I’ll be using the same set of equipment for all my wizards. My main is a Featherfoot - Warlock - Onmyoji but I intend to change to Pyromancer - Elementalist - Taoist when I got enough class change points. So ideally a good Inchor that can be used for all Wizards since I play like 6 - 7 different variations.

If I stick with my current weapon and T10 it, what is the max that I can go if I don’t change my weapon. CurrentLay with my setup I’m roughly around 16k ++ matk.

Transcend to 10 will give you almost an extra 1200 matk (5818 * 20%). Use event magnifiers to reroll your stats (800 candies per mag), but remember that 100 INT = roughly 400 matk (maybe less), so don’t expect anything groundbreaking (my staff has +90 INT). Work on getting a good ichor, which can be Skia if you want to keep Warlock (125 INT + double Invocation spirits), Moring if you switch to Pyro (122 INT + bunch of crits + fire pillars – definitely going to get this for my pyro), Misrus otherwise (130 INT + plain good matk for a total of roughly 900 – too bad my other wizards use rod + shield, this is really nice for a multi-purpose wizard!)

Just use mags until you reroll INT + CON. Again don’t expect anything great (4x + 50 INT/CON at most) but every bit counts. Having 4x Moring ichor is perfect for now. 2x blue gems and 2x green gems will give you extra defense and CR, should be level 8 now (each week you get 8x 6-star abrasives from Uphill which is half the xp for a 8-star gem + you get a ton of 7-star ones from events now).

Get Drakonas Lynnki Sit set for 10% faster casting with staff and a bunch of extra INT/CON. Too bad the 3-set effect is garbage…

None. Savinose set effects are currently irrelevent for a PvE DPS wizard. Keep your Pamokas for later, we will soon get some better ones.

Yes. If your staff has none of these, try to get +Magic Attack and +Main Weapon Damage, this should help a lot.

Hrm… No idea what’s your plan here, but on Fedi a single armor part is already 10 mil and a weapon 30 mil in market, so if you want to be safe and get 3 for transmuting you need to have a lot of silver to spare… Not mentioning the cost for everything else (sockets, ichors, enhancements…). And I hope your server has a lively market, good luck finding anything decent here…

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Kay I know I’m not the poster but this has been so helpful. Btw I got the plus 11 event weapon too. Should I transcend it to plus 10 or make a new one and enhance it to +16. Then transcend it to 10. I don’t want to spend all my bg and find myself lacking.