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Equipment Guide For Lv 1~ 300

First for lv 1~30 any equipment you find in road to Srautas George.
You can find Panto Spear monster at down right map, you can farm Cafrisun Set when you kill Panto Spear monster.
Go to Tenet Garden for Leveling 30~75 with your Cafrisun Set.
You can use cafrisun set until your char look weak or lv 220++
You can change your equipment with Suurit/Prakeh/keyraac armor, you can find it just kill monster lv170++
If your lv reach 270++ you can change it your equipment with Ttajnas/Kalinis/Albionas armor, if you have better equipment just it until your char look weak.

This feels very rushed tbh

Very, its probably for the equip guide reward thing

I will improve this, i rushed cause i had to work, Thank’s for reply. :slight_smile:
I will add pict and other detail later

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I just used my +6 Cafrisun Set from Lv 15 to 314, than changed for 315 Gear… Until 300+ you don’t really have to worry about defensive Gear ._. What is good, but not also 100% necessary, is to upgrade your Weapon when possible: 75, 120, 170, 220 and 270. But the average Blue/Purple Weapon from the Auction House will do easily, It’s really common to find decent gear for low prices (from 50k~100k).