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Equipment Guide For Healers and Supports

Lv1 - lv100 - Cafrisun Set and Arde Dagger then buy a buff to the highest Spr Pardoner in town (800 spr and up).
Lv101-200 - Berthas or Primus Equipment(of your level) and don’t mind the stats yet (Arde Dagger is still good in this level).
Lv201- 230 - Berthas or Primus Equipment(of your level) get SPR and CON stats so you can support well the party and can tank the mobs in Challenge modes and change the Arde Dagger into Shield.
Lv231-Lv260 - Same as previews level but enhance your equipment upto +6 for more armor
Lv261-Lv314 - Still the same But enhance your equipments up to +8 because the mobs in that level for challenge mode hits really hard for and you need to stay alive to support the party or else the party will fail in Challenge mode
Lv315-Lv349 - You can just get berthas in this level and get a Emengard Shield(this shield is so good and can be used til end game)
Lv350-390 - Get a Berthas that has 2-3 stats but your priority here is SPR&CON, and for your weapon andthing with high spr or if you have budget you can get Masinios Rod(This is optional but very good until late game)

Necklace and Bracelets
(I will not Suggest any Expensive necklace here because support don’t really need this IMO)
Petamion to Max Petamion Necklace (you can get these in dungeons forgot which but it’s cheap in market)
Rhevisan Bracelet x2 (This Bracelet Gives 12 con, total of 24 con)

Green:Linkroller card lv10 x3
Blue: 3 Nuaele lv10 OR 2 Nuaele lv10 and 1 Zaura lv10
Red: up to you really
Purple: 1-2 pcs of lv10 Gazing golem( this card is so good even for supports)