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Equipment guide Elementalist+Onmyoji > elemental necklaces

Hi, today I’m just going to talk about how strong it can be with elemental necklaces in Elementalist3RuneCaster1Onmyoji3.

Unfortunately this necklaces are still with this bug that does’t increase damage from skills, but with time IMC will bring it back to us and make this class a super class!

Keep in mind to have some hotkeys to switch between all necklaces while you cast X skills, you get used to it with time

Agny Necklace + Scroll skill Flame ground + Meteor = super meteor

Ledas Necklace + Rune of Ice + Hail + 2x Water shikigame = Strongest combo!

Zemej Necklace + Lethargy + Earthquake + Storm Dust + Green shikigami + 2x Toyou = Isn’t the strongest combo but definitely worth +50% dmg on all skills

I’ll not recomend Electra Necklace only for electrocute, but if you don’t have a problem with another necklace in your hotkey and buy/craft this necklace, it’s worth too

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It’s been almost 10 days, has the Necklaces been fixed?

I believe that when they fix all the necklaces, they will add it in their patch notes… So… Keep asking it in support so they fix it and keep checking their patch notes

i guess thats the way, thx anyway

From qhat i’ve heard and tested, the 50% damage isn’t calculated in all damage, just added in line. So if your skill has 800% damage, it just adds 50% so… 850%. Its not that strong as it seems.

this its true, since the agnys was released and boost the pyros/plages builds they nerf this kind of necklace to just add 50% of base damage. now its work only on a few kind of build with a high amount of hits per skill (multy hit skills have less damage per dot but a higher damage with this) like krivis with zaibas

anyway even if its works or not an animus its a better choise for any wizz build.

sorry but this will never happen, even now we have some bugs from 2 years ago. dont care if tons of players ask for a solution IMC developers dont care about that, take for exaple the alchemist treads about how useless it is, and how much players ask for a rework for over 1 year.

since EA of this game game, de onlty wizz dps its warlock.