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Equipment disappeared

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time: 7th March at 11.30pm GMT+7

Server Name: Sigita

Team Name: PrinzPudding

Character Name: Atago

Bug Description:

I was at Klaipeda selling loots when I saw another Wizard coming. I challenged them to a friendly duel, and they used fire pillar on me that knocked me down. After that the game started lagging a lot, I hovered in a knock down state for a few seconds, then both of us left the duel automatically. After that I opened my inventory and saw all my weapon slots unequipped and the rod which I had discarded before the duel came back, while my current staff and rod disappeared. I restared the game and nothing change. When I tried to move to Saalus Covent through the statue, another piece of armor disappeared.

Game Control Mode Mouse


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Hello @PrinzPudding,

Please send us a support ticket for us to assist with your concern. Thank you.