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Episode rewards for one character

Hi, I realized that the episode rewards can only be taken by one character. The problem is that if i want to create a second character it wouldn’t have the episode rewards. So it wouldn’t have the +11 equipment of episode 11. Is it worth it to create another account for the second character or is there a solution to this?

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iirc, they give 5 sharable savinose weapon box once you claim ep 11 reward, so go ahead, dont hesitate make 2nd char on your current account

It’s one of the problems in this new system. There’s so many characters we’d love to try but we’ll probably use 2-3 for the first character already.

A workaround I did was to make a character able to take down casual skiaclipse legend raid fast enough with freebie gear so you can get more weapons easily, it’s a tedious process since you have to trans and +11 the weapon yourself to match the base damage, but at least you are already given the tools to farm it.

Like 7Aniki said, u get five t10 +11 savinose weapon Boxes, even if u use 2 for 1 char, u still have 3 weapons boxes left…

well for the armours… as long as u make trasition from pysical Attack char to pysical attck char…(a leather set) . it wont be a problem…

but if ur making magical or healer (cloth,plate)…that may be little hard and u better just farm or buy skia feathers and get the varna set instead… even if u cant make all +11(armours)… it good for the random ichor stats which is much needed.