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Episode 12 best pike ichor poll

  • Masinios
    AoE Attack Ratio 2
    STR 90
    DEX 32
    Attack Range 5
    10% chance on attack to reduce Stamina by 1.5 and apply the [Collision] status. [Collision] will change to [Collision Aftershock] when stacked 10 times within 10 seconds.
    Collision Aftershock
    Applies Slow debuff for 10 seconds
    Physical Defense -800
  • Asio
    AoE Attack Ratio 3
    STR 111
    DEX 56
    Critical Rate 62
    Attack Range 5
  • Wastrel
    AoE Attack Ratio 2
    STR 72
    DEX 121
    CON 35
    Physical Critical Attack 425
    Attack Range 5
  • Skiaclipse
    AoE Attack Ratio 3
    STR 121
    Maximum Attack 725
    Attack Range 5
    Iron Will
    Immunity to removable status ailments for 2 seconds when the following skills are used:
    Steed Charge
    Dragon Fall
  • Moringponia
    DEX 134
    Critical Rate 65
    Physical Critical Attack 684
    Additional +100% critical rate for Rhongomiant
    Rhongomiant stun duration +2 seconds
  • Misrus
    STR 130
    CON 71
    SPR 80
    Ignors block against targets under Gae Bulg
  • Vaivora
    STR 222
    Critical Rate 740
    Attack against Large-sized Targets 1450
    All Dragoon skill level +1
    Damage against Extra Large monsters while equiped with Dragoon Helmet +20%
    Applies 5 sec duration when accurately hitting Extra Large monsters with Dethrone
    Reduces the damage received from debuffed target by 15%

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Tbh, Vaivora Pike should not be on the poll, it automatically is the best one, its so much better its not even fun, its not fair at all lol

pve - vaivora pike hands down

pvp - skiaclipse still has some uses in mass pvp like gtw so you can run a damage set like smugis or ataka and still have status immunity

Can i do ichor from 2-hand spear to 1-hand spear?

ichor rhongomiant (moringponia) is working? It does not paralyze anyone the 4 seconds it should. 2 seconds of skill and 2 seconds of skill. I use it in pvp and hopefully it only works for 2 seconds and in pve too.