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Episode 12 best 1h sword ichor poll

  • Masinios
    AoE Attack Ratio 1
    Critical Rate 45
    Physical Critical Attack 219
    Add. Lightning Property Damage 337
  • Asio
    AoE Attack Ratio 1
    STR 62
    CON 72
    Sharp Blade
    Critical attacks delivered with a One-handed Sword apply a buff that increases critical attack by +250 for 10 sec
    While Sharp Blade is active, every critical attack increases your critical attack values by an additional +80
    (Max. increase: 400)
  • Wastrel
    AoE Attack Ratio 2
    Physical Defense 248
    Strike Attack 325
    10% chance to apply Berserk buff on self for a 5-second duration with Strike attacks
    Critical rate 2x (cannot be stacked)
  • Skiaclipse
    AoE Attack Ratio 2
    STR 72
    Slash Attack 305
    Increases one-handed Sword skill attacks by 10% (only applies to Swordsman Tree skills)
  • Moringponia
    STR 80
    DEX 75
    Lightning Rod
    Deals additional attack by casting Thunder Strike when performing Slash attacks on targets under Storm Bolt debuff
    (Cooldown 0.1 sec)
    Thunder Strike Skill Factor: (Storm Bolt skill level x 12)%
  • Misrus
    STR 70
    Magic Defense 420
    Add. Poison Property Damage 254
    Applies a debuff that reduces the physical attack value of target by -1,000 for 5 seconds when using Bash (max. 5 stacks)
  • Vaivora
    STR 135
    Accuracy 480
    Applies 30% chance ‘additional damage’ Additional Stats: +50%

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