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Episode 11 auto fallback to episode 10 features with bugs


Please verify above link give for the game content bugs. My miko can still perform 30 seconds of Kagura with 20 seconds of cooldown. What does the thing change my game feature again after re-installation? Addons were no longer there after re-installation, but issue still persist. (Please do not everything just blame addon!)

I performed re-installation once last night just because this issue. It was ever been resolved after re-installed, but now I open the game again everything fallback to old features with a lot of bugs again that caused I cant even login certain characters.


Hello WhiteChocola,

Kindly send us a ticket for us to further assist you with your concern.


Ticket was raised before this topic created.


1- Go on Steam
2- Click on Library (on the top tab)
3- Look for Tree of Savior
4- Right click it
5- Select “Properties”
6- Select “Local Files” (on the top tab)
7- Select “Verify Integrity of game Files…”
8- Keep doing the steps 3-7 until the all files are successful (Don’t start the game if there is even 1 error)
9- Then reopen game (Once every is done downloading
10- Enjoy Tree of Savior