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Epigraphist Raymond multiple issues in dialogue

Self-explanatory, when trying to take the Fragment Finder quest you get the no data

After accepting the Fragment Finder quest, talking to him again, he says:
“If we received support than we would have hired mercenaries.”
It should be then and a comma after support probably wouldn’t hurt.

When inquiring about Rukly’s memorial, you get this dialogue.
“It’s so cruel to be remembered a traitor.”
It should probably be, “It’s so cruel to be remembered as a traitor.”

and it’s possible that where he says the monument was in poor condition (past tense) that it might be better as is unless the memorial has somehow been restored since then.

And after taking on the quest “Self Sufficiency” inquiring about it again brings up this:
“His monument is cased with a terrible magic because he was a traitor.”
While I can’t be sure, I think he’s trying to say that terrible magic was cast on his monument because he was a traitor, but it should probably be re-checked.

Then after inquiring about self sufficiency, you can choose to inquire “About Ruklys” and in the second window of dialogue you get this:
“He was too greedy, so he started a coup de tat.

Should be coup d’etat.

I might be back about him when I finish these quests, but I hope not.

Nice Screens. Thanks for the work.