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Epee Guard + Rodelero synergy not working?

So in the skill tooltips it says that with the Rodelero class taken, Epee Guarde no longer penalizes your shield’s defenses. As far as I could tell, the defensive attributes remained intact but I was hoping it also meant that with the Rodelero Shield Attack attribute active, I could retain my shield’s defense value for using Rodelero skills. However, my damage with those skills tanked significantly (going from around 2500 against Infroroktors to merely 33 with Targe Smash). Furthermore, even after the effects of Epee Guard wore off my shield attacks still did pitiful damage, which persisted until I changed maps/channels. I think this might be better fit under bug report, but perhaps this was intentional? Regardless, I was really hoping that Epee Guarde would allow me to use my shield attacks for full defense value with the buff active. I hope someone can look into this issue.