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Ep13 Caster Rune Caster: Staff or Rod?

Hello saviors!
Im making a Terra Omnyo RC and probably go Caster set. But im having trouble which is better weapon selection: Staff or Rod+dagger.

Plain weapons with same trans and enhance, Staff+trinket has still better magic attack.

But considering the vaivora effects, Im not really sure between Terra staff vs RC rod.

Terra vv in my opinion, and just based on description, is quite unreliable. Its just a percentage chance to cast stone shower when using sand blast. And sure cast if it critically hit. But, end game enemies got high crit resist that even having 5k+ crit rate, you can rarely see crits.

RC vv in my opinion, and also just based on description, is quite good. Resets Rune of Rock(main skill) when casted with full RC stack. And getting stacks is really fast and easy. The downside is, its a rod.
Other downside of Dagger mage is only ichor you can use is vaivora dagger coordinate, and its not cheap.

But lets say, i got the resource, which do you think is better?

The problem is that Terra is quite useless without its VV.
-Horn of Golem and Rolling Stone deal 1 hit of 10m damage, which isn’t even enough to oneshot most ep13 mobs.
-Sand Blast is weak without the VV.
-Stone Shower (manual cast) has a long cooldown, which results in low dps.
-Implosion is unusable.
-Sand wall is fine I guess? But of course, it’s a one-pointer skill anyways.

Terra VV is somewhat unrealiable, but it is the only way to have a chance of dealing good damage.

Also keep in mind:
-Marnox legend card helps, and so does the Arcane attribute for Magic Shield. You won’t be able to have Magic Shield up for a long time, but its good.
-Terra VV gives 1330 Earth attack, which also increases the damage of your other classes, even if not by much

My personal opinion: If I were to play Terra, I’d use staff 100%. If I wanted to use the RC VV I’d go for another class.

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Hmmm i see.
So probably i should ditch Caster set and aim for Overload? since my biggest skill would be stone shower right? Horn golem will always hit 10m even without caster set anyway

Caster set is better on Terra, onmy, RC from the testing i’ve done. I might have to revisit it ones my gear is hella better. But then we are talking high end game gear.