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[EP11] Savinose Armor choice for new player (Cleric Crusader Druid Exo)


I am new player at Cleric Crusader/Druid/Exo.
What [EP11] Savinose armor i need choice? Plate or Leather?

Leather seem good to DPS?
Or i need the plate for reach tanking all content with the 20% phys damage reduce?

Thx for reply

Your class build seems DPS focused, so leather.


I would prefer plate. You are just starting out, so your biggest objective is to survive the content.

Going leather for DPS is pointless imo, because you never go solo for endgame content, and as a new player, you will usually contribute next to zero DPS in a party that filled with established player anyway - no matter how strong you think you are at this moment.

Just stay low, let yourself be carried and survive, while you hoard some wealth to actually pack a proper punch.

Leather is the only good choice imo. Good balance of pdef and mdef, and insane damage bonuses.

Plate/Cloth are really only considered for pvp.

“Survival” is totally fine with Leather Armor.
All decent dmg players use them and they do good in all contents. Varna and the free Savi have same defense. Less total HP, but there is no need for “Plate to survive”

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Thanks for your all advices! :slight_smile:
Help me a lot!

Leather with CON in your gear, because mobs and bosses are dealing a lot of damage even if you have Plate/Cloth. You just need a good amount of HP to survive with a healer.