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Ep. 3-1 "Release Goddess Saule"

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Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : Incident in December, 2-19-20, 22:57, Pacific

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: Raphenox

Character Name: Leylia

Bug Description :
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The whole quest line for 3-1 is completed, however the quest “Release Goddess Saule” is indicated to be incomplete. Two goddess npcs are on top of each other and may be affecting the ability to complete the quest. Also, the quest chain could still be continued despite not “completing” this quest. A ticket provided the following information

Hello Savior,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Upon checking your logs, we found that you have not completed the required quest. We hope this clears your concern. If that is not the case, kindly send us a video of the issue for us to further investigate this matter.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us again.


Tree of Savior Support Team

Despite this response from the support team, several indications point to the fact that the quest should have been possible to complete or should be completed.

  1. The quest list for Ep. 3-1 is completed except “Release Goddess Saule” showing that the quest was completed to continue the chain quest.
  2. The mission objective has a spinning white/red wheel showing completion.
  3. The portal is to Rukas Plateau is open as indicated in the Feb. 19th announcement:

“16. After completing Episode 3-1, Goddess Saule now opens a portal to [Rukas Plateau]”.

  1. Ending dialogue from Saule shows the completion of the quest.

This may point to a bug that fails to recognize quest completion hence the logs not recording anything, but enabling the next quest in the chain causing an overlapping of npcs. Please guide me on how i should proceed with resolving this issue and/or how I should resubmit a help ticket. Sending a video does not seem viable considering the limit on the file size being 1 mb. Thank you.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Complete: Release Goddess Saule
  2. Goddess still stuck in Cage but next quest can be attempted in the chain quest
  3. At some point, npc(s) now overlap with each other followed by completion dialogue.
  4. Quest can never be completed even with restarting the quest.

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I am confused, is this not a bug, or is no one able to help me with this issue? I’ve waited patiently for a month. Who do I seek for help with this problem? Please advise.