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Environmental Animations

I’ve recently returned and the game is so much better compared to how it was during launch.
But there is something that I’m unable to get to work, which are enviromental animations. I remember last time when I used to play that flowers and such would move as if wind was blowing on them.

An example of this:
In the video you can see that the flowers and grass are all animated. Now, I have maxed all of the options and nothing seems to get this to work. Was this an intended change?

Do you see the character move when you look at a legendary card? If not, maybe you disabled animations on the loading screen. No idea if it’s related though, I’ll check Gele Plateau tonight to see if the flowers still move.

You mean the option at the login screen? I always tick that but whenever I launch the game again that option isn’t ticked for whatever reason, I’m wondering if maybe it just isn’t working properly.

I checked yesterday evening at Gele Plateau and indeed all animations are gone. I suppose the option on the loading screen only works for the loading screen now. Animations for legend cards and Medeina (Moringponia lottery) work fine.

Maybe its related to: