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Enhancemnet coupons from DLC

Just posting this here because I opened a ticket and the robots that responded to it were… well, robotized.

I bought that Diamond anvil DLC thing that is current at discount on the store.

used the diamond but the enhancement tickets were in my inventory, I opened the new goddess event thing in the city and spent a few million silver rerolling.

I got a lot of new enhancement coupons from that event.

Well ■■■■ starts now: I logged off, and when I logged back on all my enhancement tickets were gone from my inventory.

I opened a ticket and the robots said I used all 27 coupons in 2 enhancement attempts
what the ■■■■

Diamond Anvils cost much more silver to use than regular anvils (millions of silver). You probably did, in fact, use the enhancement tickets on it because they are consumed automatically upon using an anvil.

the confirmation message I got was that only one coupon was being consumed, thanks for clarification.

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