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Enhance Safe Guard

Its time to change the upgrading system, the world is changing, ppl change, video game change, yes i know that tradition is good… but if you never change… then… the world is not gonna wait for you

Like it or not, it is YOU that must follow the world

Dammmmmmm i never been this serious before… kk, what im going to say is

This past month i saw that you want to sell more token, am i right? Hell, go look at the item shop menu… it says “One Token, is all you need”

I was like… yisshhhh nig, one? Really??

You dont optimize your token good enough :sunglasses:

And i also saw at the future patch that we can change our ichor anywhere we want? at every blacksmith? or which one is your final decision?

Again, you really trying to sell more token, but still… i dont think thats good enough

Every video game has their own good and bad, you must adapt every goods of them, if you look closely at your neighbor game, yeah the one that will have its sequel soon, with outstanding graphics



Cz their costumes can be converted into a… Lets say, like a safe guard for enhancing

And ppl bought TONS!!! of them

THATS!!! how you should optimize your token

I still want to say more but aaaahhhh… You get the idea dont you?

Grats for reading this far, pls adapt that system


I got a headache from reading this, if you want a dev from a game to take you seriously (not like they would from IToS anyway) you might want to redact your suggestion in a straight forward, comprehensible way

That being said, your suggestion is “add direct pay to win”, right? Nice suggestion bud, like we need more of that lol

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genshin impact 2? hmm

But Dev’s only listen to KIM

The only way for community to get voice heard is

  1. Stop playing
  2. Stop Spending
  3. Boycott