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End to the endless cycle of trying to sandra ichors

Hi, Spectrall here :smiley:

Are you tired of the repetitive cycle of trying to sandra your last line or two for your ichors?! Is trying to compete with the sandra prices on the market driving you insane?! Are you bored of waiting for TP Packages/Leticia Cubes/Events to give a out sandra’s and/or reduce market prices!?!? Is wasting your hard earned silver for sandra’s that likely will not give you the stat you want ruining your gaming experience and slowing down your progression?!


Sandra’s no longer rerolling into stats that you’ve previously rolled away on a piece of gear per each individual stat line!

I know there are some debates/differences in how we all use sandra’s and the re-identification npc to make our ichors. Some players may want to make ichors that have the same stat lines in a certain order from top-bottom out of desire to satisify their OCD. Players, especially newer players, may just being trying to get the stats so they can actually do content they feel restricted from trying because of lack of stat requirements like accuracy/crit/block pen. Some competitive players may want to make WBR/content specific ichors to max out their damage/tankiness.

People may be concerned! What if I sandra away a stat that I want while looking for the lines I want before using the re-identification npc or changing my mind about wanting a certain stat?

A simple solution!

Add an option to the Sandra Re-Identification NPC pay a small cost to reset the stat pool you can reroll into with sandra’s for a certain stat line!

Please Like/Heart to help it get attention!!

To clarify any confusion, for example:

If you were to keep rerolling for lets say “STR” and kept getting a redline/blueline stat that you did not want. Those redline/blueline stats that you rolled away, would be taken out of the reroll “pool” of stats which would eventually make it more likely that you get the “STR” stat that you wanted. Therefore putting a limit to how many sandra’s you consume looking for certain stats.

Of course, I am aware of the new goddess equipment stat engraving system coming to TOS.
Simply engraving a set would reset the reroll pool all together for those wondering how it would work with the new ichor system.

You are missing the point. They want ichor to be high rng (along with other high rng system) so their tp item hold high value as the rng system is set at ridiculous height.

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